Offline Banking App for Africa

Connecting over 1 billion people in Africa to the financial ecosystem

Data Free Banking Platform

As the industry’s only offline banking App for financial services in Africa, we provide affordable, seamless and accessible solutions for any financial institution in the market

Micro Finance Institutions

new and small financial institutions can easily start with our data free app in a hosted environment
that supports the onboarding of millions of customers seamlessly, maximizes your functionality and reduce your cost of ownership while allowing you to focus on what drives your business: innovation and product

Large Financial Institutions

Medium and large financial institutions can easily scale their business by deploying our scalable data free banking application, enabling them to launch new innovative and cost-effective banking services, reach out to the unbanked while driving down the cost of performing banking transactions to millions of their banking customers


Whether its an insurance company, Mobile Money Operator, Telcos, our data free application will help you preserve customer relationships and extend your competitive advantage, we understand your need for technology that accelerates innovation, simplifies operations, and works seamlessly with other systems to deliver personalized products and experiences your customers will love.

Connect to the Base of the Pyramid

Our goal is to have everyone in Africa connected to the financial system; from the women entrepreneurs, to farmers, small scale businesses or large enterprises, we have developed clear-cut innovation to uplift the 1 billion unbanked

Users access RemitPlus data free application from participating banks without need to have Internet access

Users perform their transactions at low fees

We support Women Entrepreneurs

We want to see more women excel in Africa and to play our part in achieving this, we are offering zero transaction fees for women entrepreneurs who use our platform at participating financial institutions, by subsidizing their financial transaction costs we help them to save more, earn more and grow their businesses

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